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MyOmega System Technologies GmbH

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MyOmega is THE Technology Company for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our mission is to enable people and companies to benefit from the advantages of the IoT. Our goal is to make every device and every “thing” a mobile citizen.

Our MYNXG (My NeXt Generation) platform offers a complete IoT ecosystem. MYNXG connects any device securely to clouds & business portals through a comprehensive service layer. We offer a maximum of flexibility towards our customer: From the integration of devices, machines, sensors into the provisioning of complete IoT solutions. MYNXG IoT products (MYNXG Controller, EC1 Extension Card, Sensor Platforms, Service Layer and Cloud Solutions) offer a baseline to create highly efficient solutions and IoT infrastructure for our Customers. You decide the degree of IoT support you want from MyOmega.

 MYNXG is designed for verticals like industry, automation, logistics, fleet management and agriculture. TracoVino is the first MYNXG-based solution for vineyards that supports winemakers to improve the quality of their products.

 Our unique IoT know-how is based on the expertize, knowledge and passion of our outstanding team of mobile and computing experts. Together we create and realize visions that rock the mobile world.

 The MyOmega headquarter is based in Nuremberg/Germany, one of the most competitive places for mobile communication design. We have a site in Athens/Greece to support SW elements and research capacity.