NavVis GmbH

About us

NavVis develops innovative products and applications for mapping and navigation of indoor spaces that are accurate down to the centimeter. NavVis facilitates simple orientation, even in complex building systems such as factories and exhibition halls, airports, railway stations, shopping centers, museums and much more.

In a very brief time, the patent-pending Trolley can map an environment by using laser scanners. At the same time, cameras generate a dense network of high-definition 360-degree photographs of the entire interior space. A browser-based IndoorViewer enables looking around, path-finding, interaction with popular Point of Interest features (e.g. video or audio data) as well as precise point-to-point measurements.

The next generation of NavVis will also enable navigation of indoor spaces via smartphone (turn-by-turn). Similar to human orientation, this visual position determination technology does not require any additional infrastructure in the building, such as Wi-Fi Hotspots, RFID or Bluetooth.

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