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NETAVIS Software GmbH is a pioneer in server-based IP video surveillance and provides high performing video management since more than 10 years. In about 10,000 installations with more than 100,000 sold licenses, project sizes range from 1 to 15,000 cameras. NETAVIS delivers its products and services through solution partners and distributors. Geographically, NETAVIS focuses on Europe and the Middle East with some activities in Asia. NETAVIS customers come from various industry sectors including retail, government, banking, transportation, manufacturing industry and many more.

The predominant product, NETAVIS Observer, is a Linux-based software platform for professional video management. It is available now in its 4th generation and in more than 20 languages. Due to its open and flexible architecture it is easy to adapt to customer needs. Compliance with CCTV and IT standards complement this unlimitedly scalable solution with best in class performance. Additionally, optional Observer modules like layout navigation, video wall, mobile clients, ABS bandwidth management, active directory integration and more are offered as well as Observer interfaces like XML and URL interfaces, SNMP support and I/O device administration, among others. Four editions of the software allow for the best choice for each project size.

Since many years, the second expertise of NETAVIS Software is video analytics. As optional part of NETAVIS Observer, the own, seamlessly integrated NETAVIS iCAT offers a wide range of video analytics modules and features to solve challenging problems like perimeter security, number plate recognition, people counting, traffic analytics and more. It is included in every NETAVIS Observer and only needs to be activated by the according license key. In addition, third party video analytics applications like number plate recognition and face detection allow for even more easy to handle yet elaborate solutions.

The NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse is the innovative solution to visualise and contextualise video surveillance and video analytics data with business and security relevant data of other sources. sMart Data Warehouse transforms mere data real time and 24/7 into key performance indicators and provides information the way the customer needs it. This could be user specific dashboards, periodical PDF-reports, or business intelligence analysis tools. sMart Data Warehouse creates specific business value and is available as a cloud service or as local software on the NETAVIS server.

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