About us

Established in 2001, MMBiomedical - Neurospec is a global distributor in computer-based diagnostic and research systems, plus accessories. The Company’s core business is the commercialisation of equipment and accessories with a focus on the fast growing Neurology, Audiology, Neuropsychology and Research Markets.
We offer existing technology and so continue expansion into a number of related market sectors including neurological diagnostics, monitoring, sleep disorders, audiological neurology including OAE's and DP's and Research EEG/ERP application. MMBiomedical incorporated its business to NEUROSPEC AG in September 2007.

NEUROSPEC AG distributes various supplies for Sleep, Research and Neuro-Diagnostic Laboratories. We represent many companies in the area above, among those are Biosemi, Biopac, Wearable Sensing, Otodynamics, Digitimer, Compumedics, ECI - USA, Neuro-Supplies - Integra and many others to name a few.
NEUROSPEC AG understands how important accessories, sensors and disposable items are in the diagnosis and study of sleep, the nervous system and the brain. Hence, through our understanding and expertise of this area, we distribute and sell supplies / accessories that are only of the highest quality.

NEUROSPEC AG endeavours to provide clients with competitively priced supplies and accessories available for your Sleep and Neuro-Diagnostic / Research needs. Our friendly staff are here to ensure that your needs are met with the utmost care and efficiency.Description.
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