Omega Finance

About us

Omega Finance was established with the mission of making financial knowledge accessible to users in a more practical manner. In addition to traditional financial training programmes intended for participants at banks and corporations, we organise more complex training programmes intended for specialists, in particular from the banking sector. The aim of our seminars is to cover financial areas, such as investing in bonds and equities, managing and hedging portfolios, trading and hedging with derivatives and risk management, as well as certain areas of accounting and auditing. 

We have three primary lines of business: 
► Financial Training: Seminars are designed for professionals in the financial sector and for corporate financial personnel. Individual topics are usually divided into several levels. 
► In-House Training: All our published programmes are also available in the form of in-house training, and can be tailored to specific needs at your request. 
► Financial Consulting: Practical experience gained through our work on the financial markets and enhanced by continuing education give us an edge as efficient consultants. 

With sound and, above all, practical knowledge of financial instruments and financial markets, we will try to help you solve practical, everyday financial problems.
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