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OMNIFOKUS Cine Solutions Made in Germany

The world's first & only Camera Follow Focus System with Hardstops & Softstops - adjustable On-The-Fly

Fluid-damped camera zoom lever (Camera Zoom Lever) for smooth camera movements

The world's first foldable Camera Rig & Camera Cage for DSLR filming, which can be folded to the size of a A4-letter, without the need ofany toolUniversal Camera Rig in lightweight construction

The world's first Zip Tie Lens Gear to provide 0.8 mod pitch focus driving devices with only one strap, that will attach to all your lens diameter without the need of an extra Zip Tie. A Zip Tie Belt Camera Lens Gear (Camera Gear Ring) for all lens sizes

An LED lighting or LED Camera Video Light (LED Camera Light) with dimmer and color sliders 3000 ° - 7500 ° Kelvin. Camera Head Light

The world's first Matte Box with a depth of near "Zero", to provide also SuperWideAngle DSLR LensesCompendium Camera (Camera Matte Box) with retractable flags for telephoto lenses, as well as super wide-angle lenses or ultra wide-angle lenses. A sophisticated lens shade other common names: Camera Sun Visor, Camera Hood, Camera Lens Shade

Super lightweight Camera Tripod (Flycam) with carbon and delrin telescope gimbal

Camera tripod (Steadycam) A camera mount system with carbon-arm & gas springs, lightweight

Jib (Camera Crane) with carbon telescopes in lightweight construction

Camera Slider System with sliding bearings 1200 - 2500mm. A cheaper alternative to a camera dolly

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