About us

Out2Bound is a consultancy with two main focuses: helping technology companies (software dev, mobile, web, SaaS) enrich their sales pipeline AND assisting startups and entrepreneurs to make sound and informative decisions when choosing technology solution providers.

Consulting: with a portfolio of qualified and trusted technology solution providers, Out2Bound can help you in your nearshore/offshore plans. We have identified reliable tech teams in Europe. The technology stack they represent is covering the spectrum - .net, php, java, python, javascript, ruby on rails, django, iOS, Android, big data and can support you for both short and long-term projects. Pricing is T&M/project/dedicated teams/per hour.

On-Demand sales: through outbound sales development we’re helping our clients find new markets abroad. The company offers remote sales team working on-demand to build fruitful partnerships on behalf of your company. Due to team’s expertise, the focus is in working with tech companies. https://out2bound.com/ 
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