Particle Metrix GmbH

About us

Particle Metrix GmbH develops and manufactures instruments to characterize colloids as well as biological samples.

Our nanoparticle analyzers for dispersions and macromolecular solutions are applied in R&D as well as in industry, such as e.g. ink, paper, lifescience, food etc..

The size measurement of macromolecules, (nano-)particles, exosomes etc. forming these colloidal liquids cover an impressing range from 0.3 nm up to 300 µm. Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA), 180° Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), streaming potential charge mapping are the methods to deliver answers on dispersion stability, zeta potential, fluorescence, charge density, particle size, molecular weight and concentration. We detect scattered and fluorescent light as well as electrical streaming potential signals.

The products are made in Germany and are distributed world wide.

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