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Pilotfish is a strategic design and innovation consultancy with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and Taipei. Specialising in transforming complex electronic technologies into meaningful and desirable user experiences, we have grown to a multinational team of 30 designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts delivering design concepts, visions and end products to international brands worldwide.

Our solutions range from innovation strategy workshops to fully developed concept-to-market products delivered to the client’s door. Whether it’s bringing your concepts into reality through visionary prototypes that breathe life into the company road map, or delivering interactive installations that allow customers to experience first-hand the unique properties of otherwise intangible products and technologies, we assemble the right team to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet your objectives.

To achieve this we take an integrated design approach which focuses on the experience brought to the user. By integrating hardware, interaction and interface design throughout the entire development process, we make sure the desired experience remains uncompromised and creates a clear added value for both our clients and their users.

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