Pinto Consulting

About us

Pinto Consulting GmbH is a multidisciplinary consultancy company specialising in international development, property research and valuation services, with permanent offices in Germany.

Pinto Consulting (previously Dr. Ricardo Pinto Stratagem Consulting International) serves the needs of clients in Germany and internationally, primarily European Union, South-East Europe, CIS, Caucasus and Central Asian countries.

Our leading staff members offer twenty years´ of experience in their relevant fields with qualifications ranging from PhD in socioeconomic fields to internationally recognised certification in management consulting (CMC) and property valuation (HypZert GmbH).

Our clients include the private sector; national, regional and local governments; international development agencies; and Non-Governmental Organisations.


Pinto Consulting is a private consultancy dedicated to the related themes of socio-economic development and property issues, both in transition economies and mature European economies. 

Its vision is to help its development clients and their beneficiaries to achieve higher levels of prosperity and social cohesion. We assist our property clients to make well-informed investment decisions through quality research and impartial advice.


As a professional economic development, property research and property valuation consultancy, Pinto Consulting GmbH is committed to excellence in everything it does. 

We combine our extensive country and sectoral experience with customised advice focusing on our clients’ needs and priorities, in the delivery of appropriate solutions. Our approach is to customise our services to reflect our clients’ priorities and to be transparent in terms of the resulting costs, timetables and deliverables.


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