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About us

Puzzle Software is a team of passionate and dedicated IT professionals and Agile ambassadors devoted to excellence. We strive to deliver the highest quality software solutions to our clients, and to provide the best education in the field of Agile Development. We operate in the USA and SEE region.

We have been providing custom software development services for over a decade to leading companies across the globe. Our teams have also worked on several start-up projects, adopting business models adjusted to the needs of our customers.

In addition to the software development services for clients, we are proud to say that our team is currently working on our own product. It’s still in MVP phase, but we are looking towards its quick market take-over!

The last, but not the least, Puzzle Software is the leader in Agile education in SEE region. We organize certified Scrum & Agile courses in cooperation with the Scrum Alliance, providing not only basic education of individuals, but also coaching and mentoring programs tailored to companies’ needs. Agile Serbia, supported by Puzzle Software, every year organizes the biggest Agile gathering in SEE region - Agile Serbia Conference, with more than 500 visitors around the Europe, and with world renowned speakers and coaches.

The work environment in Puzzle Software is incentive: we work with the latest technologies, in stable conditions, highly valuing creativity, teamwork and integrity. Salary is not the only reflection of evaluating someone's expertise. There are many other ways to show your employees how important they are, and therefore we offer various types of advancement and promotion. Teamwork boosts the working atmosphere, as well as an excellent business - development communication and relations. That’s us!

If you are passionate about every new professional challenge, and you are in love with modern technologies and approaches, maybe you should consider joining our team! :)

Also, Puzzle Software meets the criteria of Creditworthiness Rating of excellence in 2014 and is ranked as one of the top companies in Serbia. 

Take more information about our expertise, references and IT projects portfolio at our website www.puzzlesoftware.rs

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