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Today's solutions to individual problems become the standard of tomorrow. And RATEC brings these standards to market since 1994.

Lowering installation costs and improving the quality of precast elements are the specific objectives that preoccupy our thoughts and direct our actions. We believe that achieving these objectives will bring success to our customers. RATEC brings to the market standards that have already proven themselves in field applications. The cost-to-benefit ratio of our shuttering components and systems can be accurately calculated and is invariably favorable.

Profit from our wide-ranging experience! We would be delighted to consult with you in detail...

RATEC consolidates the advanced rationalization and efficiency-improving ideas of the entire Reymann Group. Solutions for optimizing the production processes in precast concrete plants, inspired by the requirements of specific customers, are continually developed, improved and perfected. Successful solutions that have been developed for specific problems have thus been field-tested and proven and are now reaching the world market as mass-produced system components. Moreover, by tailoring and adapting standard, mass-produced products to the specific requirements of our customers we can help them accomplish rationalization or modernization projects economically.
RATEC has attained an important position in the European and North American markets in a very short period of time.

Impressum: www.ratec.org/de/impressum/

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