About us

Successfully delivering answers for 20+ years in enterprise consulting based on a distinctive background in information management and technology, RIMOC consultants continue to help IT executives in domestic and international companies increase profitability through customized solutions, create better processes and bridge the gaps in information flow.

Our information management competency covers

  • Strategy,
  • Governance,
  • Sourcing, and
  • Interim Management.

Improving information flow across your organizational structure is paramount to operational efficiency and bottom-line profitability. RIMOC helps you optimize your IT information flow, delivering proven results on time, on budget, and with the highest quality and reliability. 

In addition, and complementary to our information management competencies, RIMOC specializes in various vertical fields. This allows us to design and offer the bespoke solution for your organization by merging organizational and process skills with the required technical vertical integration to make it work for you and achieve your business goals.

We are working to advance your business and to provide benefits to our clients, based on manifold solutions we have been and are continuously creating. To be able to do this, we rely on expertise in a multitude of areas. Among them are

  • IT Management Consulting,
  • Information Security,
  • Process Analysis & Consulting, and
  • Technology.

In a nutshell, our vision is best expressed as follows:

"The successful operation of a modern enterprise is best driven by an organizational structure whose primary responsibility focusses on optimization and control of information flow."

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