About us

Custom Software Development Through Domain Expertise We develop customized solutions and automate planning and managing the business processes of Workflow, Sales, Relations with Clients and Contractors, Pricing, Products, Orders, Stock and Resources, Tasks, Projects, Accounting, Bills, Decision Making. Our second direction is traditional software development outsourcing with dedicated teams ot T&M approach.

Domain Expertise

Industries and Key Sectors

  • Telecommunication
  • Startups (M2M, Mhealth, Video, Leads Generation, etc.)
  • Internet merchandisers, Ecommerce companies
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Wholesale distributors, Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Religious organizations

Key Experience and Workouts

  • CRM, XRM, BPM, Resource Planning / ERP
  • Billing/transaction processing systems
  • Reporting systems
  • Loyalty programs
  • Social intranet (internal portal developed as socnet)
  • POS integration
  • Applications for mobile platforms
  • Services and apps for WEB and Social Networks
 Technologies and programming languages used
  • Frameworks: Zend, YII, jQuery, AngularJS, J2SE, Spring, Hibernate, J2EE, EJB, JSF (JavaServer Faces), JSP, Grails, Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)
  • Apache Struts, Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Apache Camel
  • Servlets, Tomcat
  • PhoneGap, Android SDK
  • Facebook API
  • Cloud: Amazone AWS (EC2, S3)
  • Programming languages: Java, Php, Javascript, C++
  • DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL
  • HTML, CSS, Adobe Flex/Air, Google Web Toolkit (GWT / AJAX)
  • Visualization: Google Charts, Bootstrap

Used design concepts: Model-View-Controller.

Strong experience in developing modules and customization: Sugar CRM, Asterisk PBX, WordPress, Joomla.

For team work we use GIT repository, Bit Bucket Issue Tracker, Google Docs, SVN.

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