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About us

Softarex Technologies founded at the dawn of the 21st century in Alexandria, USA, is a software development company, with R&D offices in Minsk, Belarus, and Kharkiv, Ukraine.

As per Software Magazine 2016 Softarex is among 500 software outsourcing providers in the world.

Our richest experience has given us a unique perspective to custom software development. Our methodology results in minimal defects in the post-deployment phase and high customer satisfaction. We develop software for the following industries:


  • we have 10+ HIPAA certificates


  • several own products, incl. financial chatbot, 15+ years of extensive experience
  • every day we consult thousands of consumers to make smarter financial decisions


  • support of all major operating systems, incl. embedded and RTOS's
  • 100 000+ end users are served yearly with our Energy Management System

We also have enough knowledge in:

Data Science & Computer Vision

  • 100+ published scientific articles in Computer Vision
  • extensive experience and expertise in implementing Computer Vision algorithms in real-life applications
  • our developed solutions are implemented in restaurants chains, sports analytics, healthcare, manufacturing

Machine Learning

  • solutions for predicting the condition of patients and their needs for treatment and hospitalization in future
  • AI-based algorithms for adaptive changes in processing scenarios
  • sporting analytical solutions for training US baseball team
  • data analysis for the energy sector for prediction utility consumption

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Head Office:
Softarex Technologies, Inc. 
901 N. Pitt Street, Suite 170 
Alexandria, VA 22314

Minsk, Belarus

Kharkov, Ukraine

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