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SPIN Sport Innovation

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SPIN Sport Innovation

SPIN Sport Innovation is based in Germany and operates as a consultant and partner for national and international sport organisations, public agents, businesses and other stakeholders in sport.

Project Development and Project Management

We conduct and support sport development projects from start to finish line: From the initial needs assessment and fund raising to the operative implementation, and the transition into routine operations.

Organisational Development, CSR and Policy Consulting

We support sport organisations, public agents and businesses interacting with the sport sector in order to develop new fields of action, including the setup of appropriate structures and procedures.

Educational Concepts and Leadership Programmes

We develop and implement customised programs and activities within the wider scope of education and training through sport.

Scientific Supervision and External Evaluation

We review projects and provide external evaluation services. We adhere to recognised evaluation standards and apply tools, which have been specifically adapted or developed for the sport sector.

Besides, in the SPIN-SHOP we sell selective products, mostly in the context of our sport development projects, such as the YELLOW SPEAR and FLOATSATION.

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