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About us

Your partner for rental of laser shows and multimedia spectacles, as well as individual show laser solutions.

tarm Showlaser GmbH have been a world leader in the field of innovative laser presentations since 1988.

Its team effortlessly combines creativity, precision, and reliability into impressive packages.
Renowned corporations, institutions and government agencies have used our technology and creative services to help create iconic and memorable events that have amazed, motivated and lived on in the memories of audiences around the world. 

Our team can design and deliver any scale of package – from 100+ people in a modest hall to gigantic 100,000+ spectaculars in a purpose built stadium and a live TV audience of millions.

We inspire people.


tarm Showlaser GmbH offer genuine full service – design, consultancy, planning and implimentation. Clients are welcome to select a package that matches a specific production or budget. We work in partnership with all event stakeholders – from event management, technical and creative production teams, through to directors and end users.

Mega-events such as the the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, Athens 2004 grab the headlines, but they actually contribute just 20% of our overal revenue.

Becoming a leading worldwide provider has enabled us to invest in one of the largest equipment pools in the industry, but being the biggest is not an end in itself. The size of our operation has evolved organically into one which enables us to give our customers better service, better products and better prices.

for orders large and small.


Over the last 26 years we've delivered laser presentations for a distinguished list of clients around the world.
From product launches, to rock and roll spectaculars for artists such as Pink Floyd and Robbie Williams, to large corporate events for major international brands such as Samsung and Mercedes, to one-off events for private individuals and royalty, including the Al Maktoums of Dubai, to new building openings, award ceremonies and, perhaps most famously of all, the Olympic Games Opening ceremony in Vancouver 2010 and Athens 2004.
Our clients are all very different but they all share one common denominator:

they come back.


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