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tec5 AG

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With a vision to provide high quality spectroscopic solutions for a multitude of applications, our five founders established the company in 1993. Today, tec5 operates worldwide with subsidiaries in the USA and UK; global representatives are positioned to better serve local markets. 

As an industry leading company in UV–VIS, NIR and Raman spectroscopy with an established focus on market needs and customer requirements, tec5 specializes in research, development and manufacturing of components and systems. Our high quality products range from standard OEM electronics modules to complete application specific solutions.

At tec5, we pair our core competencies in high-speed diode-array readout technology, optical, mechanical, electronic and software engineering with excellent customer service and support. Our engineering team combines many years of experience of utilizing the highest performance development tools. The array of products is complemented by consulting, service of initial conception, project planning, hardware design, software creation, system implementation, user training and after-sales support.

Close cooperation with professional component manufacturers provides direct access to all key technologies for optical process spectroscopy. 

Our technology extends into many application areas. Optical spectroscopy is instrumental in helping industry maintain optimal quality in the production process and reduce cost. The environment benefits from faster and more accurate measurement methods. Moreover, research and development labs use the technology to create new materials, streamline processes and ensure product efficiency.

tec5 is proud to be at the forefront in the field of optical spectroscopy providing cutting-edge solutions.