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testXchange GmbH

Über uns is the first open, specialized marketplace for industrial tests, connecting buyers of test services with the world’s best suppliers.

Our mission is to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial tests by providing a comprehensive, transparent and supportive online platform tool.

Our target customers include both buyers and suppliers of industrial test services


For buyers:

  • get access to expertise on testing from the world’s best industrial test suppliers
  • Easily compare, order, and pay for services from our network of verified suppliers
  • Get help obtaining quotes and completing orders. A number of tools are available

For suppliers

  • Get Access to a large number of leading buyers of industrial tests
  • Build your presence on the market
  • Get support in streamlining your workflow, marketing and sales. Get guaranteed payments

How it works

  • testxchange selects and verifies the best industrial test suppliers before listing them on the platform
  • testxchange systematizes and rates suppliers offers to make them easy to find for buyers
  • Buyers find relevant suppliers and request a quote from them using the online platform
  • Suppliers then send their quotes, including price  to the buyer
  • The buyer replies by either accepting or declining the quote or asking questions through the online platform tool
  • As soon as the quote is accepted, an order is created and the testing project begins
  • After the work is done both buyer and supplier mark it as done. The supplier then sends the buyer an invoice
  • All payments and communication goes through as your centralized online tool for industrial testing. Here you have it all at one glance.
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