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The Nunatak Group GmbH

Über uns

The Nunatak Group is a consulting firm for digital transformation, based in Munich, Germany. 
We specialize in the development of sophisticated, innovative and customized solutions for companies in growth industries. Our focus is on digital marketing and communication strategies, growth strategies, digital coaching and investment support for customers in the B2B and B2C sector. 

In the Inuit language, ‘nunatak’ refers not just to mountains in ice fields but has a broader meaning as well, encompassing words such as ‘signpost’ and ‘landmark’. 

That is what the Nunatak team is striving for – setting up signposts for our clients who operate in markets that are changing with ever-increasing speed. 

Our strategies are designed to help our clients’ business stand out from the crowd - instead of using standard approaches and frameworks, we create highly individual business strategies with an innovative digital edge. We accompany our clients from conception to implementation of strategies. 

Our Expertise 
- Transitions to digital business models 
- Mobile and social media strategies 
- Solutions for mobile and social commerce 
- Transaction support/due diligence support 
- Investment screening 
- Marketing and customer relationship management 

Additionally, we offer our experience and support to internet and telecommunications start-up companies at special rates and agreements. To date, the Nunatak team has founded and/or invested in more than 20 young, mostly web-oriented businesses.