uIntent GmbH

About us

Globally operating user experience & consulting agency. Passionate about User Research, Design & medical HF

WHAT WE DO: We create powerful experiences for your customers with UX research. We accompany you from your first product ideas through the full development cycle to the implementation of UX as an integral part of your organization. 

WHO WE ARE: We are a dynamic team of UX experts who love what they do. Our track record reaches back to the year 2000. 

uintent is owned by the people who work at uintent. So you can be sure that all of us go th extra mile to give you the best experience possible. 

We are operating as one company in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, China and Japan - we are part of resight global!

Impressum: http://www.uintent.com/impressum

Datenschutz: http://www.uintent.com/social-media-datenschutz

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