Unispecial srl - Turning Center Company

About us

Unispecial s.r.l. Turning Center Company

We are Unispecial S.r.l. – Turing Center Company with over 30 years of turning, milling and machining expertise, located in Vigodarzere, Padua County, in one of the main industrial regions of Italy: Veneto.

We operate with a continuously updated machine park of around 25 numeric control machine tools, including:

  •         sliding head CNC lathes with bar passages of ø18, ø20, ø25, and ø32 mm
  •        CNC lathes with spindle, counter-spindle and Y axis, with bar passages of up to ø80 mm
  •         twin spindle, twin turret lathes.
       3 and 4 axis work centers capable of machining volumes of 1200 x 800 x 800.

    What we do

Our main activity the production of turned and milled parts to drawing

Other in-house processes:

  • thread tapping and rolling
  • laser marking
  • keyway slotting
  • broaching


We have a Mitutoyo three-dimensional measuring machine, computerized profile projector, surface roughness meter and hardness meter.


We can machine all ferrous and non-ferrous materials in rolled, extruded and ground bar stock (including high speed steel, C 35 Pb, C40/45, AISI 303, 304 and 316 stainless steels, steel alloys, titanium, brass, bronze, aluminium and plastics).


How we do it


Requests for offers are processed within 24 hours as part of our standard operating procedures. Provided the necessary materials are readily available, orders are normally delivered within one to two working weeks, depending on the complexity of the product involved (unless special machining operations have to be performed externally).




Exports currently account for 10% of Unispecial’ s sales.

Germany is currently our main export market.

Our main domestic market is central and northern Italy.


Our company’s flexibility in terms of production potential (lot size) represents an important added value. We interpret flexibility in terms of optimized production management, increased production efficiency and greater capacity to satisfy customer requests.

Our flexible production system and the large number of machining operations we can perform enable us to produce an extensive range of parts for areas of industry with widely differing needs. We can supply from the smallest to the largest finished products, all accurately machined and guaranteed to ensure total satisfaction of customer needs, including conformity to all specified dimensions and characteristics.

Constant investment in process technology and organisation has allowed us to achieve excellent levels of efficiency and productivity.

 Our customers can rely on a flexible and rapid supply chain (logistics and storage).

Our warehousing system can interface effectively with customers’ re-ordering systems.


Unispecial’ s strengths include rapid order processing, competitive prices, a particularly advanced machine park and flexible production.




Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001.

 The dedicated software we use to control our entire production process enables us to implement statistical, sample based or complete lot quality controls depending to suit customers’ requirements.

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