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ViVaTicAideas for life! soul of life!

Live your Dream! Don't dream your Life!


Econological Balanced Lifestyle – Cultural, Community & Natural Values

Balanced harmony between work, education and leisure!


IdeaTank, Project Development Initiatives & PM Lifecycle organization for smart cities & communities with a balanced lifestyle in areas of econological driven entertainment, leisure, culture, arts, education, games, sports, hospitality, eco-tourism, green living, eco-architecture & green building.

Live your life! Entertainment for Life & Green Living!


Project development initiatives: for smart cities & communities with a balanced lifestyle

•       111 WhereLife's@ – living, green inspired! Eco-Architecture & -Interior Design

•       Trio E’s Diseños Inc.nature inspired furniture & interior designs

•       MEGA Cebu making waves

•       MCDCB – roadmap for sustainable urban development in Metro Cebu

•       Philipp INNO (B3 BLOC) – Inherit the past, innovate the present, invent the future!

•       MarketingVILLAGE your world, our village!

•       ECO.vicinity – ecological products and services to market!

•       Fruit4Thought – passion for fruit! fruit with passion!

•       Pop-UP casa – innovative trends in flash retail!

• Sharing & Touring – healthy commute & eco-tourism!

•       CeB4U – City-e-bike4You

•       Cebu – where the heart sings

•       Brussels Café BistroBelgian delicatessen in Cebu

•       Mandragora Park – Live your passion!

•       Yahoo Pinoy!community capacity building

•       Le VISION – exclusive events management

•       M-Talents, Events & Promotion

•       Paradise Travel Tours

•       WoW Philippines!

•       Violet in Motion enjoy a longer & healthier life!

•       Lifestyle Coach – reshape your life! Together for a healthy balanced lifestyle!


Projects under CAPix, ViVaTicA and PORTexpertise

·        ADS Group - Fast Craft Ferry Inc.

·        ADS Group - Leisure & Development Inc.

·        New Washington Yacht & Resort Club

·        CCCI/CPA/MCDCB – Cebu Port criteria development & stakeholder engagement

·        University of San Carlos (Architecture Campus) – Master Urban & Industrial Development - Port Infrastructure Planning, Design & Development – lectures and student project evaluation

·        DoT Visayas – Yachting Infrastructure (+SEA-Expo Manila)

·        Let’s Do It Philippines environmental awareness

·        Dream Expo Cebu (Global Shapers – WEF, Dream Project PH)

·        Movement for Liveable Cebu | Youth for a Liveable Cebu | Youth for a Better Earth