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WEY Technology AG

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WEY Technology is a global provider of turnkey high-tech solutions for the transmission, control, distribution and display of real-time data in trading and control rooms. With 12 branches and representation in 45 countries, WEY Group serves clients in the financial market sector and security-intensive industries around the globe.

Based in Unterengstringen, Switzerland, the WEY Technology has evolved over the past 30 years into the world market leader for the technical provisioning of trading floors. The technology applied, which switches the broadest variety of signals or PC sources to an unlimited number of workplaces, is so powerful that it is now also being successfully deployed in the control room market.

In addition to classic control room environments such as those for emergency services (police, fire, ambulance), transportation (air, rail, road) and energy (power plants, distribution), industrial production, infotainment (video walls, interactive user terminals) and building management systems are emerging market segments for WEY.

As a turnkey solution provider, WEY develops and manufactures virtually its entire product portfolio directly in-house in Switzerland. The use of first-class components, high-quality Swiss workmanship and strict final production inspections guarantee unsurpassed quality and the flawless functioning of WEY products. The range of customer oriented services extends from Project Consulting & Management, Product Development, and Production to Installation & Support.

The company’s strategy is based upon the combination of an exemplary speed of innovation, decades of experience providing consultation and other professional services, as well as a multitude of successful projects and long-term customer relationships around the world.

WEY Technology is a dynamic company whose success is based on exemplary services, world class quality, fairness, engineering competence and the extraordinary commitment of its staff.