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About us

Application Development

You want us to develop an individual software for you or adapt an existing one?
With your requirements as a basis we will develop a strategy together with you on how to best and cost-effective help you.
This includes a thourough requirement analysis, a detailed description of the solution and an offer for the implementation and installation.
Even if you are not sure how a solution might look like we can help you based on our experience. Chances are good we already came across a similar situation.


Either you have an existing software or are developing software on your own we offer our service.
Most of our engineers have 10+ years experience developing all kinds of software (embedded, desktop, large systems) using various technologies.
This kind of service is very tailored to your specific situation. We can work on site to directly join your team or we can take parts of your project and develop it for you.
We are used to work with state of the art development tools (Issue Trackers, VCS, CI, automated testing, software analysis tools, ...) and usually work with an agile project setup.

Quality Audit

You already had a software developed either in-house or by another company.
We offer our help analyzing and audit the result.
Our report includes a thorough analysis of the realization of your business cases, the technical implementation and if requested advice and suggestions on how to move on.
If you are in the process of developing a software we can assist you with periodic quality reviews or help you establish or improve your software development process.

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