Yukti Solutions Private Limited

About us

As an offshore software development service providers we help software companies expand their development capacity on demand, work on their core or non-core technologies and reduce their development and maintenance costs.

We have been providing offshore software development services to our clients situated mainly in India, Europe and USA since May 2009. With a team of highly qualified engineers we are primarily focused on business/enterprise application development - mainly on Web, Desktop and Mobile platforms (iOS and Android). We have successfully helped our clients in Europe and USA to reduce their application development, quality assurance and maintenance costs because of our location and resource availability.

We mainly help our clients in:
  1. Enterprise web applications and eCommerce development
  2. Mobile application development on Windows, Android and iPhone.
  3. Software-as-a-Service product development, maintenance and support
  4. Technology migrations/upgrades

We are looking forward for more partners seeking offshore software development services to reduce their costs and speed-up their applications/product ideas time-to-market.

Contact us for more information on possible mode of cooperation and collaboration.

Thank you and we look forward to hear from you!
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