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About us

zero360.the innovation company gehört zu den erfolgreichsten Innovationsberatungen Deutschlands. Das Berliner Unternehmen setzt auf einen 360-Grad-Ansatz und begleitet seine Kunden dabei in allen Phasen der Innovation, Transformation und Digitalisierung – vom Blick in die Zukunft, der Entwicklung neuer Produkte und Dienstleistungen über die Weiterentwicklung von Geschäftsprozessen bis zur Befähigung von Mitarbeitern und Führungskräften. Mehr Infos unter:


zero360.the innovation company works across sectors and scale with multinational companies, public sector entities, entrepreneurs and NGOs. Our clients and project partners are executives and leaders that typically have functions on the Board, in Innovation & Product Development, Strategy & Corporate Development, Brands & Marketing, Human Resources, CSR & Sustainability.

We empower to create new opportunities and master the transformation challenges of the 21st century. A particular important area of exploration for transformation is in the overlaps of innovation, strategy, leadership, impact investing and policy formulation. Our bespoke mix of methods such as foresight, Design Thinking and coaching combines the power of analytical capability with team-based experiential learning and personal ownership. The access to our high quality network of experts, and the engagement of stakeholders and industry peers spurs innovation by tapping into collective intelligence and creativity.

We provide services in four key areas
•    Innovation & Service Design •    Strategy & Sustainability•    Leadership & Breakthrough Culture
•    Transformation Communication

You are made part of an integrative and iterative human centered-design process from which solutions can arise that your customers, stakeholders and society value.
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