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About BlueID

BlueID is a Mobile Access Control Platform and associated Key System that enables a user’s smartphone to securely connect and interact with objects all over the world.

The ongoing digitalization of processes in various industry verticals generates a need for a fast and secure connection between smart devices and objects in the world of IoT. BlueID fills this gap. It delivers trust & confidence between any object and any mobile smart device. It is always there. It is robust. And it never lets you down.

At BlueID each person is unique and brings their talent to work as a team to make a difference.

Our technology is paving the way for the new digital future where objects are connected to users. We are where this connection meets security. This defines and changes the way the world lives, functions and does business. But our strength doesn’t come just from the technology. It comes from our people.

We connect everything and everywhere securely and we use this to change our world for the better.

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