About us

Who We Are

Emarsys is the largest independent marketing platform company in the world. 

Founded in 2000 in Vienna, Emarsys makes it possible for more than 2,200 brands (such as Runtastic, Mediamarkt/Saturn, Blue Tomato, Home24, Zalando Lounge etc) in over 70 countries to connect with their 3 billion customers around the world. Each day, we deliver more than 350 million personalized interactions across email, mobile, social and web, leading to millions of daily purchase events on our software. The AI-enabled Emarsys platform continuously learns and improves with each interaction.

We are currently counting 800 employees globally - of which around 300 Emartians are based in our DACH offices (Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Zurich). 

Emarsys as Employer

We deeply care about our people - they are the core of our success and make Emarsys a great place to work. 

A few reasons why you should join us: 

- We are a fast-growing company: be part of our growth and develop hand-in-hand with the company.

- We have an international presence: while headquartered in Vienna, we have 14 other locations throughout Europe, the US, Asia and Australia. 

- We have an innovative outlook and a strong market position: we are market leader in an extremely future-oriented industry, that is constantly innovating and evolving daily.

- We offer an inspiring and positive culture: work alongside talented, friendly and truly passionate people.

- We are a diverse crowd: in our Vienna HQ alone we have employees from over 20 countries, making it a very international and dynamic environment. 

- We encourage pro-activeness: we will give you space to drive initiatives and implement your ideas.

Our culture, our people, our success

Here at Emarsys our people are our most valuable resource. We believe that the combination of great and diverse people with a fun and rewarding atmosphere, combined with our collaborative approach, inspires excellence in everything we do. That’s why it’s so important for us to create an environment for our employees to enjoy their work and progress their careers at the same time.

Our values:

#We are one

We succeed together and we work together as one team to solve challenges. We communicate openly and directly; we confront and overcome problems rather than ignoring them.

#We are passionate

We believe in what we do, we take a firm opinion on what we believe is right, and we ensure that our passion is directed towards creating value for our (internal or external) customers. 

#We never settle

We don't settle for ok or good, we want great, we want the best. We don't cut corners, but work to guarantee great delivery of every product. 

#We love customers

Customers are our lifeblood - the reason for our existence. There's nothing better than having a happy customer, and nothing worse than having a dissatisfied one. 

#We always innovate

We think outside the box. From products to processes, procedures to our physical space, and in all walks of life. This applies not only to management, but to every individual, to initiate, strive to innovate, and improve by developing creative ideas into revolutionary results.

#We embrace tomorrow

We need to be faster, better, and change at a pace quicker than our industry. We cease to exist when we stop evolving and embracing change as the opportunity it is.

You can find more about our culture and values on https://careers.emarsys.com/emarsys-values/.

How to apply?

We are looking forward to your online application on our career website (https://careers.emarsys.com/) with your CV or LinkedIn profile. Please also include your salary expectations and earliest availability.

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