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Networking for newbies made easy.

A sound professional network is always worth its weight in gold! This article shows you the first networking steps you should take when kicking off your career.

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Check out our free career guidance test to discover your strengths and see where you can improve.

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Are you interested in finding out which professions are a good match for your course of study? Just enter your degree course here to receive matching job profiles and a list of current internships and entry-level jobs you can apply for.

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How to find your first job – top tips for newbies.

Kicking off your career can be difficult, especially as companies often look for people with lots of experience. We provide you with top tips to boost your chances of landing a job.

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"I'd only study something that interests me."

Students should cast aside the notion of having to graduate with the best-possible grades as quickly as possible. On XING Campus, author Jannike Stoehr offers career guidance advice and tips on how to launch a successful career.

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"You don't need a degree to be successful."

Entrepreneur Jochen Schweizer achieved success without a degree. In this article he explains why university isn't for everyone and what really counts in today's world of work.

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Gather initial experience as an intern or trainee.

Internships or trainee programmes are often the first step towards your first permanent job. Find out how they differ and how you can get the most out of them.

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Best careers for the future

Anyone who's wondering which career path they should take needs to check out industries and jobs with a future. We show you eight professions that are really popular right now.

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