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  • Office Manager (m/w)

    Milla & Partner, Berlin
  • Produkt-Support / Mediengestalter (m/w)

    BE.BEYOND GmbH & Co KG, Willich
  • Werkstudent (m/w) Grafik / Design / Kommunikation

    Mapudo GmbH, Düsseldorf

  • Frontend Developer (m/w) Bremen

    hmmh - Digital Commerce & Brand Communication, Bremen

These 7 cities have the most companies in the Design and architecture industry

There are currently 384 vacancies in the Design and architecture sector on XING Jobs, which accounts for 2% of all 33648 active job ads on XING. Most of these vacancies (163) are based in berlin, while 54 Design and architecture jobs are based in zürich and 40 vacancies are in münchen. 4th place goes to wien with 33 openings, while hamburg is in 5th with 23 vacancies. The final two places are filled by medellín (20 jobs) and köln (14 open positions).

Upward trend: The Design and architecture industry is seeing the best growth rates

A year-on-year comparison of the number of vacancies in a certain industry is a good indicator of how well a sector is performing. If you look at the Design and architecture sector, you'll see that 7 cities are doing really well. The list is headed up by Munich which saw the number of jobs rise by 1000 per cent over 12 months from 1 to 11. Shanghai and Winnenden saw growth rates of 400 and 100 per cent respectively, while Paderborn (100 per cent) and Koblenz (100 per cent) also performed well. Things weren't quite as rosy for the Design and architecture sector in Erlangen and Mannheim, yet they also saw growth of 40 and 34 per cent respectively.

Things aren't looking too good for the Design and architecture industry

It's fairly hard to find Design and architecture in some cities. If you compare the number of ads for this sector posted in XING Jobs with last year's figures, 7 cities have seen a steep drop in the number of postings. Worst of all is Bad Rodach which has seen a 96 per cent decrease from 31 ads 12 months ago to just 1. Düsseldorf and Hamburg also saw Design and architecture job ad figures decline by 87 and 83 per cent respectively. Berlin and Köln fared a little better with a drop of 77 and 76 per cent, while München and Stuttgart saw 76 and 63 per cent fewer Design and architecture job ads on XING.

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