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4a manufacturing GmbH
4a manufacturing GmbHposted an updateYesterday
The electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) drone is the next generation of autonomous electric aircrafts that offers new state-of-the-art solutions for commercial and humanitarian air mobility applications. And for that MILLIFOAM gives you maximum freedom in design, simplifies your internal workflow and increases your economic efficiency. Read more on: #4amillifoam #4acimera #4amanufacturing #inphysicswetrust
4a manufacturing GmbH
4a manufacturing GmbHposted an update16 September
We use a unique skiving method to generate thin and precise low loss foam sheets having a uniform surface. These specific foam sheets are used as internal spacers, as carrier structures in patch antennas or tailored cores in radomes. Read more on: #4amillifoam #4acimera #4amanufacturing #inphysicswetrust
4a manufacturing GmbH
4a manufacturing GmbHposted an update10 September
New technologies using mmWave 5G and high-speed low latency satcom communication are going to play a key role in emerging fields. CIMERA Radomes are designed to be used for higher transmission frequencies. The agile radome engineering process and the versatility of CIMERA Radomes ensure to rapidly find the optimized radome configuration. Read more on: #4amillifoam #4acimera #4amanufacturing #inphysicswetrust

4a manufacturing GmbH is part of the 4a group and is the world leader in the production of “micro-sandwich” materials for the consumer electronic market since more than 10 years. This technology enables innovative lightweight designs for panel or shell constructions, by substituting monolithic materials like metals or fiber...

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