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ADDDEVposted an update25 January 2022
R&D. A big (non)secret of a small IT company. In the past trendy R&D activity belonged to engineering departments. Today it is believed that only big corporations such as Google or Samsung can afford research and development. In ADDDEV we think differently. New technologies and hypotheses appear so often that it is physically impossible for an average businessperson to follow all the innovation. Not to mention verifying what is actually effective and what is not. Hence, this service can be ...
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ADDDEVposted an update12 January 2022
`Ecology in ADDDEV If there was one word to describe what we strive for in the relationship with our fellow colleagues and partners - ecology would be the best fit. In our studio we are devoted to nourishing horizontal relationship, respectful communication and flexibility in where, when, and how our colleagues want to work. Prefer working from home? OK! Need an office? We will pay for the coworking of your choice! We are not in favor of a relationship that look like `I`m a boss and you`re...
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Software development studio

Our main goal is to find fast and optimal solutions for clients. We create products of high complexity.
 The development of complex architectures is our passion. Support and modernization of existing projects are also on our list of competencies.

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