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AiNT GmbHposted an update12 August 2022
The ICOND - Book of Abstracts includes over 40 profiles from companies in the nuclear decommissioning industry, with contact details of company representatives. The Book of Abstracts will be distributed to all ICOND participants and will be sent to international stakeholders. In addition to the printed Book of Abstracts, we also publish the profiles in our company directory on our website. The booking of a company profile is independent from the ICOND exhibition. So, if you want your company p...
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AiNT GmbHposted an update7 April 2022
Extraordinary visitors at AiNT's technical center. The TV-Show "Gallileo" (@ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE) accompanied a team from to Stolberg for the analysis of smartphone components in one of our PGNAA measuring systems. In order to examine the sustainability of the installed components and the manufacturer's specifications, we determine the elemental content in the circuit boards, cameras, speakers and batteries. We very much enjoyed showing what our technology is capable of,...
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AiNT GmbHposted an update25 January 2022
Neues AiNT-Seminar Wir bieten erstmals das Seminar „Lean Management Methoden für die Nachbetriebsphase und den Rückbau“ vom 22. – 24. Juni 2022 in Kooperation mit Arthur D. Little an. Ziel ist die Vermittlung von Lean Management-Kompetenzen und die Befähigung rückbauspezifische Prozesse eigenständig zu analysieren und zu optimieren. Sichern Sie sich Ihren Seminarplatz unter . #Leanmanagement #Prozessoptimierung #Rückbau #Nachbetriebsphase #Kernkraftwerke #Methodenentwic...
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ICOND - International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning (every year) During the ICOND, around 40 speakers will talk about market developments and their experiences with international dismantling projects.Around 40 exhibitors present themselves, their products and servicesWe focus on the exchange of experiences and therefore we offer some possib

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