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Meet the new AMS. The workforce is evolving, and so are we. We are introducing a new brand, but more importantly, a new vision to better reflect the new ways of work. Our new approach? Workforce dexterity. It’s the way AMS helps its clients build, reshape, and optimise the workforce. David Leigh, AMS Chief Executive Officer, shares, 'our clients are building for the future, and this means being boundless and global. We are helping them create workforces that are built faster, flex easily, and ...

The new AMS: Designing a workforce built for change - AMS

The new world of work requires us to think about how people come together in a more holistic way, shifting from headcount to skills
The new AMS: Designing a workforce built for change - AMS
Alexander Mann Solutions GmbH
Alexander Mann Solutions GmbHposted a status update27 November 2020
After losing candidates to others who could hire faster, McDonald’s wanted to extend their reputation for innovation and convenience into the hiring process and genuinely connect with candidates - fast. Their goal was to work with our technology consulting team to become the first to offer voice-activated job search.

Über Alexander Mann Solutions Alexander Mann Solutions ist ein international führendes Talent Acquisition & Management Unternehmen mit Expertise im Outsourcing. Wir unterstützen unsere 100+ Kunden in 90 Ländern mit flexiblen und innovativen Talent Acquisition und Management Lösungen, um sich optimal am Arbeitsmarkt zu...

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