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Alpha Quantumposted an update9 September 2022
We published a new post on the topic of website categorization - why is it important, what are its typical use cases, which machine learning models are appropriate, standard taxonomies that are applicable and other interesting things about categorizing websites. You can read more about it here: . Typical use case for website categorization are contextual advertising where the company wants to publish their cont...
Alpha Quantum
Alpha Quantumposted an update7 September 2022
Our website categorization is now also available as python library: . This allows easier integration of API into own services. If you want to learn more about it, adding an article we wrote on this topic: . This was developed with help from . One can categorize websites that have general content, in this case, the appropriate classifier i...


Website classification
Alpha Quantum
Alpha Quantumposted an update6 September 2022
We released a new AI service for website categorization, using both general as well as E-commerce taxonomies. You can check it out at . One of its unique features is machine learning interpretability, i.e. for each categorization the machine learning "explains" why it decided for the resulting classification, by colouring words that most significantly contributed to specific categorization of website.

Website categorization API | URL classification

Website categorization API | automated URL
Website categorization API | URL classification

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We offer consulting in area of machine learning, data science and develop Saas platform, primarily based on AI models. Recent work included development of content based and collaborative filtering recommender models, explainable AI (XAI) and privacy preserving solutions, sentiment analysis, OCR, website and product categorization.

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