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Altum Agency
Altum Agencyposted an update26 July
This offline meeting was like a fresh breath for our team, a few minutes of calmness without the sounds of explosions, air alarms, and bomb shelters. We played lots of fun games, discussed our recent and upcoming projects, talked about future plans, and simply changed the view🏔 Thanks to everyone who spent this weekend with us and sooo sorry that some of the altums weren’t able to join the “party”😄 The first but not the last so see you soon, guys🤍 #teambuilding #workation #altumteam #webd...
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Altum Agency
Altum Agencyposted an update22 July
Ladies ‘n’ Gentleman, presenting to your attention the website relaunch of Baller Golf. Company owners and golf enthusiasts Daniel and Dennis had an idea of refreshing the website, improving its performance, and adding lots of features that will result in increasing conversions, sales and attracting new customers🚀 Our key challenge was to improve the existing design to one that would change the stereotypical association of golf with a sport for pensioners✌️Except for this, we had to implement...
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Altum Agency
Altum Agencyposted an update2 June
As Steve Jobs said: “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people”. One more qualified developer has joined our team, so we are more than equipped to complete projects of different complexity at a higher level🔝 🎉 Congrats to our new hire Ihor 🎉 #webdeveloper #shopifydeveloper #webagency #outsourcing #graphicdesign #uiux #webdesigner #webdesign #wordpress #shopify
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Altum agency is a team based in Ukraine who are extremely passionate about developing brands through deep analysis of its uniqueness & advantages. Highest value and approach of our team is to invest energy and creativity combined with our experience to deliver designs that make difference, not just looking good.

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