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Amperetta GmbH
Amperetta GmbHposted this article11 December 2019
amperetta teams up with Classic Boats Venice to turn one of the most beautiful boats in the lagoon area hybrid. The historic Swedish commuter “Sweet Molly”, built in 1938, will receive a complete revamp of its drivetrain and a thorough brush-over of the entire vessel, using the latest Euro 6 certified VolvoPenta D3 in combination with amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE.
Amperetta GmbH
Amperetta GmbHposted this article9 December 2019
More power available for motor boats! We extended the amperetta hybrid-drive compatibility to Yanmar engines. Currently the following engine-families are supported: Yanmar 4GH57 Yanmar 4LV Yanmar 8LV
Amperetta GmbH
Amperetta GmbHposted this article6 December 2019
We started out with the integration of an electric module for the VolvoPenta D3. In the past years, we could also welcome the VolvoPenta D4 and D6 sterndrive-families in our hybrid-compatible portfolio.

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amperetta hybrid drive amperetta GmbH (ltd.) developed the first fully integrated hybrid drive for recreational watercrafts. This drivetrain was the first powerful and affordable full-hybrid on the water. A strong electric motor will accelerate the vessel up to gliding phase and operates almost silently at slow and moderate...

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