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aurea univrsity
aurea univrsityposted an update28 November 2022
We are in a rapidly growing market! The idea of a digital university which is fully implemented in virtual reality is a complete innovation. Gamified degree programs and the VR technology are growing relentlessly. In the last 5 years, the revenue generated by virtual reality has doubled! According to forecasts, this market continues to grow and is expected to reach a market volume of $5,24 bn. by 2026. More interesting facts about our market and its development can be found here:  https://aurea ....
aurea univrsity
aurea univrsityposted an update22 November 2022
The next article about us! We are incredibly proud that we made it into a newspaper again. This time the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung reported about us.
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aurea univrsity
aurea univrsityposted an update17 November 2022
Today is your day. On International Students' Day, the focus is on YOU! No matter if you are a freshman or a master's graduate, at aurea uniVRsity you'll soon be able to take bachelor's and master's courses.
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