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AXON Softposted this article10 November 2016
Being a leader is a timeless practice of emssembling and keeping teams motivated in pursuit of transforming vison into reality. Every leader has a different background and every company has its own benchmarks to determine who would lead the best its teams. But are all these needed qualities different? Or are companies and employees looking for qualities that all leaders should have in common? Read more...
AXON Softposted this article10 October 2016
Romania has become one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Europe. Today, outsourcing to Romania is a common practice among companies searching for an efficient way to take advantages from cost-performance ratio. The latest statistics show us the fast growing of Romania regarding IT outsourcing services. But what are the reasons that makes this country a desired outsourcing destination? Read more...
AXON Softposted this article1 September 2016
Before starting your work experience and set a career path for yourself, you should understand and prepare a few basic work related tips. As a student, or if it is the first work experience for you, making a good impression comes first. Make sure you know your company history, products and clients, introduce yourself to everyone, transform your desk into a comfortable space and get yourself noticed by your contribution to project you are involved. In order to bring out the best in your care...

AXON Soft was founded in 1998 as a software development and IT consulting organization. We have been growing ever since to become a dynamic company with a strong and experienced team that believes in two major values: quality of service and the success of our customers. Within years of entering the IT industry, AXON has...

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