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Banke ApS.


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Banke ApS.
Banke ApS.posted an update27 May 2021
We are growing Banke team! Our industry is undergoing profound technology change and we will soon be launching a new line of products to exploit the opportunities this change brings - #spoilerallert. With a strong technical sales manager and strong marketing resources already in place, our new Head of Sales, Marketing and Business Development will take our commercial activities efforts to the next level and establish a high-performing sales and marketing team. Please follow the link for detaile...
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Banke ApS.
Banke ApS.posted an update24 November 2020
We continue to update you about #trucksecondlife. In third video we are talking more about the placement of the #battery and how the space on the frame can be utilised. #design #batterytechnology #goelectric #emobilität #emobility #evehicles #ev #electrictrucks #electricmobility #lithiumionbatteries #batterytech #batterypack
Banke ApS.
Banke ApS.posted an update18 November 2020
Chassis mounted Banke E-PTO powering the work of a crane. E-PTO from our CM series is split into two boxes, the battery box and the power box, which can be separately mounted left/right on the chassis frame. It solves problems with the space and the placement of components. #emobility #cranes #electricmobility #emobilität #emobility

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We develop and manufacture electric PTOs and full-electric powertrains. Banke ApS was founded in Denmark in 2010 as a technology provider developing and marketing battery electric drive systems for accessories for heavy duty vehicles. The company’s electric power take-off (E-PTO) products power the on-board hydraulic systems...

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