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Barbaric GmbH
Barbaric GmbHposted an update5 days ago
Our rigid load arm system RGH is an optimal solution for all handling tasks where precise fitting of materials (windows, doors, panels, etc.) is required. 💪 One of our German customers “Engelhardt + Geissbauer GmbH” uses exactly this load guide in a production line for prefabricated house walls. Whereas in the past doors and windows had to be installed laboriously, our lifting system now facilitates and accelerates the production process enormously. 👌 Our load arm can be used in combination...
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Barbaric GmbH
Barbaric GmbHposted an update31 January
Our customer DIPRO® GmbH (Rheinau, Germany) specializes in the production of high-quality solid wood flooring. As an innovative company, they invested in a fully automatic storage and retrieval system for storing their solid wood planks. 👌 The storage system not only alleviates all the hard work necessary to manipulate the planks by hand but also digitalizes the entire storage process. With the push of a button, the desired planks are stored out to be prepared for the next step in flooring pro...
Barbaric GmbH
Barbaric GmbHposted an update23 January
In this online report (German only) of the German magazine DDS, our Automatic Panel Storage & Retrieval System is called "The Bringer". An appropriate description, because at the push of a button, the storage system brings the desired panel out fully automatically. At our customer Robert Schwab GmbH, the storage system is operated in combination with a Format4 saw from FELDER. Read more about the success story at our German customer at: ...

Der Bringer

Der Meister in der Schreinerei Robert Schwab in Hafenlohr, Spessart, fertigt heute kleine Aufträge, zunächst einen
Der Bringer

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„Wir sind ein innovatives und dynamisches Unternehmen mit Firmensitz und Produktion in Österreich. Barbaric ist die erste Anlaufstelle für anspruchsvolle Hebetechnik. Unser Ziel ist, unseren Kunden individuelle Lösungen in den Bereichen Glas- und Plattenhandling zu bieten. Durch den Einsatz modernster, meist im Haus...

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