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BPO Soluciones
BPO Solucionesposted this article6 April 2016
The European Union economical leaders are elaborating some reforms that would affect those companies, which operate among each other into the European territory. The European Commission considers finishing the current VAT system between intra-Community operators in order to collect more taxes and to combat tax fraud. The European Commission’s goal is that “the country of origin is the responsible for collecting the VAT on behalf of the destination country”, as states the vice-president of the Co...
BPO Soluciones
BPO Solucionesposted this article23 March 2016
A new change arises on the enterprise’s world and in this case it concerns at the audits’ regulation, which is close to being implemented. In particular, it will be on 17 July 2016 when the new regulatory frame will produce several changes by auditing and companies should bear this in mind. The new legislation results from a EU regulation and its goal is to provide the auditing reports of more information. Thus the investors are protected, just by showing more clearly the company‘s real situa...
BPO Soluciones
BPO Solucionesposted this article10 March 2016
Es ist vorauszusetzen, dass in kürzer Zeit in Spanien einen Regierungswechsel herbeigeführt werden kann und darum eine Reihe Reformen eingeführt werden können, unter denen die Arbeitsmarktreform sich befinden soll. In solcher Arbeitsmarktreform dürften die Vertragsarten und insbesondere der sogenannte ‚befristete‘ Arbeitsvertrag betroffen werden. Einer der ersten Vereinbarungen der hypothetischen Regierung ist die Schaffung von vier Arbeitsvertragsarten: (...) ...

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We, BPO Soluciones, offer professional outsourcing services of financial, labour, fiscal and legal processes to our customers.Due to the wide experience of our professionals we can provide a large coverage to all enterprises in any sector.  Our customers differ from small companies to huge multinationals that all require a...

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