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BrixWare GmbH
BrixWare GmbHposted an update14 September
Nachrichten in Sekundenschnelle übersetzen und zur Veröffentlichung bereitstellen? Mit BRIXWIRE News Hub und KI-Übersetzung ist das möglich.
BrixWare GmbH
BrixWare GmbHposted an update11 August
Take a look at our post, maybe you would like to collaborate too! We have been working on an idea to focus on current topics and get first-hand information, combined with the technological concept of BrixWire as News Hub. The aim is that additional information, verified or unverified, should be made available via BrixWire. We want to improve the news situation around the conflict.

Spotlight Ukraine – BrixWare Blog
Spotlight Ukraine – BrixWare Blog

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