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Bytro Labs GmbH
Bytro Labs GmbHposted an update23 January
A great company culture and the happiness of our Bytronians is something very important to us. Our values are passion, autonomy, honesty, sustainability, inclusivity and open-mindedness. These values create our own unique Bytro culture which we are very proud of. This culture is lived and enjoyed by our Bytronians every day. We are so proud about the many positive reviews on kununu which led to this award! Thank you! #topcompany2023 #values #bytroculture #kununu
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Bytro Labs GmbH
Bytro Labs GmbHposted an update14 September 2022
9 to 5...Monday to Friday...Not for us! We are excited to announce to all Bytronians and you that as of 1st of October we will trial a 4-day week until the end of the year! Our teams have performed incredibly well during the last years and of course we put our trust in them; to work autonomously and self organized. Work life balance and exploring new ways to increase this is very important to us and we can not wait to see how this initiative works out for us. #4dayweek #worklifebalance #bytronians
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Bytro ist ein führender deutscher Entwickler von Browser- und Mobilegames. Das Unternehmen betreibt und vertreibt derzeit erfolgreich vier Spiele, Supremacy 1914, Call of War, New World Empires und Conflict of Nations. Über 10 Millionen Spieler haben sich für die Spiele registriert. Bytro ist immer auf der Suche nach...

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