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CDROMposted an update25 May 2021
Contrary to conventional thought, data centers aren't only reserved for large companies. Benefits from private #cloud are attracting a growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises #SME #PME. They need to think about how and where to store them company data. Colocation hosting can be very beneficial to small businesses in many ways.
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CDROMposted an update12 March 2021
Free Cooling : cooling naturally while preserving the #environment 🌍 Respecting our resources is a priority. #bigdata #ecofriendly #datacenter #renewableenergy
CDROMposted an update12 March 2021
Today's Data Centres have become progressively more efficient. An ultra-modular aisle containment offer an optimisation of cooling ❄️and energy-efficiency. Minkels - A brand of Legrand #bigdata #efficiency #innovation #business

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Your specialist in data hosting for companies. Our values : Innovation, Safety and Renewable Energy. The data centre offers a wide range of products and services, each of which can be fully personalised according to our clients’ needs and requirements. Today, we enjoy the trust of organisations from a variety of sectors,...

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