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CE+Co GmbH
CE+Co GmbHposted an update5 days ago
Remote work can be a challenge when it comes to team spirit. But at CE+Co, we've found that with the right approach home-office can actually lead to increased motivation and loyalty. One of our tools is a strong agency wide WhatsApp-Group, replacing "Flurfunk" ("Water-cooler-talk") and keeping everyone engaged. Additionally, we host regular team events to promote social contact among team members. Most importantly however seems our idea to schedule all remote meetings leaving 5min blank before a...
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CE+Co GmbH
CE+Co GmbHposted an update19 January
🎉 Well done: We are happy Constanze Scholz gave us good reason to promote her to Junior Project Manager. 🎉 She joined as Trainee last year and quickly proved herself to be an invaluable collaborator in our team. We are proud of her accomplishments and look forward to seeing her continue to excel in her new role. Congratulations, Constanze! 🎉 #Promotion #TeamPlayer #CorporateExperienceAgency #Trainee #Junior #Crewlove #ExperienceDesign Written by Chat GPT Briefed and edited by CE+Co GmbH
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CE+Co GmbH
CE+Co GmbHposted an update17 January
Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce Johannes Jahn as new member of our Creative Team. We had the pleasure of meeting Joe through treibhaus - AgenturCampus für KreativKonzeption , Germanys leading talent school for the Event-Industry. 🙌 He impressed us bringing unique perspectives from different past experiences to the table, which will make him a truly valuable asset for us. And for our clients. 👀 Welcome to the team, Joe! 🤗 #newhire #corporateexperience #events #SpatialCommunicat...
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CE+Co steht für Corporate Experiences und Content. Die Hamburger Agentur wurde im Januar 2008 von Cedric Ebener gegründet. CE+Co hat den Anspruch, Erlebnisse für Kunden wie Facebook, s.Oliver, Volkswagen oder das ZDF zu kreieren, die bewegend, ungesehen und nachhaltig sind: Zum Beispiel internationale Produkteinführungen,...

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