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Cerval Consulting B.V.


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Cerval Consulting B.V.
Cerval Consulting B.V.posted this article5 April 2012
With Xing we get all kind of automatic updates. But I believe that they can never have the same effect as a personal note. In January 2012 we started Cerval Consulting, a top quality consulting firm, helping clients in the consumer goods industry to improve commercial performance and drive profitability. Since then we have been busy to set up our internal organization and processes but also – and more importantly – our external communication: We just launched our new website: www.cervalconsulti ...

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Our Services: PROFITABILITY MANAGEMENT - Getting ahead. Predicting, measuring, managing risks 'Sounds good, but what is it?' Well, we provide simulation capabilities to support decison-making. We turn a 'complex situation' into a simple presentation. Our output? Information, not data! In what dimensions? ...

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Singel 540, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands