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Clariness GmbH


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Clariness GmbH
Clariness GmbHposted an update3 September 2013
With the rapid growth in mobile technology, we have ensured that ClinLife is ready. Clariness has launched its improved mobile enabled version of our proprietary ClinLife Patient Portal. This allows us to be where the patients are, where ever they are. Please visit:
Clariness GmbH
Clariness GmbHposted an update29 August 2013
Deeper understanding of areas that impact trial success. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball allowing you to see into the future so you will know if the recruitment of your trial will be a success? Do you want to know what patients think about your study even before the study starts? Clariness offers tools to provide insights into your upcoming trial’s performance. Olease visit !

About us

Founded in 2005, Clariness is a global provider of online patient recruitment, retention, patient surveys, study feasibility and site selection services for clinical trials. Using our ClinLife® technology platform, we recruit patients efficiently, support investigative sites through the enrollment process and accelerate...

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