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Cleaning Consultancy Delft
Cleaning Consultancy Delftposted this article31 January 2013
Proudly we can announce that Cleaning Consultancy Delft is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In December 2ISO 9001:2008012 CCD has been audited by EBN certification. We are proud that we have the certificate prominently hanging on our office wall. What changes for our customers? Right, nothing! You will still get the service an quality that you are used to receive from CCD, but now we have secured the processes, so you can rest assured that you will always get what you expect from us.
Cleaning Consultancy Delft
Cleaning Consultancy Delftposted this article12 December 2012
At the request of several customers and relationships, Cleaning Consultancy Delft started a project to investigate the cleaning of the trolleys which are used in the laundry industry. Trolley The Dutch laundry CERTEX-standard requires that all the trolleys used in the laundry and textileservice industry need to be cleaned. Almost all laundry companies have made a substantial investment in a trolley washer, but there is yet no proper test method of this specific disinfection-/cleaning cycle. ...
Cleaning Consultancy Delft
Cleaning Consultancy Delftposted this article12 December 2012
The environmental and building department of the city of Amsterdam has asked Cleaning Consultancy Delft (CCD) to advise and Logo Amsterdamassist in the measurement of the environmental circumstances at dry cleaners. On behalf of the environment and building department, CCD has compiled a set of measurements to analyze how dry cleaners function in their environment. The environmental measurements check on leaks of the cleaning machines. The ventilation outlet-points are checked as well as the ...

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Cleaning Consultancy Delft BV (CCD) is an independent engineering and consultancy company in the industrial cleaning sector. With over twenty years' experience in the washing, testing and use of textiles, our knowledge of the washing industry is unparalleled. Our consultants advise on a wide range of topics in the field of...

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